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Solar lights are the MVPs in flag lighting. Paired with your flagpole, solar flag pole lights make sure your flag shines after sunset, and automatically switches off as day breaks. With a combination of convenience and efficiency, choosing solar lights for your flagpole is a no-brainer to keep the future of your flagpole bright! At Flagpole-To-Go, our flagpoles boast a quick setup, and it's only fitting that our light displays do the same. In this guide, we’re breaking down the top solar flag pole lights options that are compatible with our standard and large-diameter flagpoles. Ready to give your flag the limelight it deserves, 24/7? Let’s unpack the four best solar flag pole lights!


Why Opt for Solar Lights for Flagpoles?


    1. Cost-Effective: Unlike plug-in spot and flood lights, there’s no monthly electricity bill here! Invest once in a solar light and let Mother Nature foot the energy bill.
      2. Low Maintenance: With solar lights, you can set it and forget it! Once they're up, they're on auto-pilot—they know when to glow at dusk and take a break at dawn. No manual switching needed.
        3. Sustainable Choice: Going solar is more than just a bright idea—it's a step toward a greener planet! By choosing solar lights, you're reducing carbon emissions and championing a sustainable future.
          4. Versatile Installation: With adjustable features, these lights aren’t just one-size-fits-all.  We’ve prioritized ones that can work with the Flagpole-To-Go standard and large diameter flagpoles.

            Spotlight on Our Selection Process


            When it comes to lighting up your flag, you deserve nothing but the best! Here’s what mattered most to us in our evaluation of solar flag pole lights:

              1. Performance & Longevity: We don’t just want lights—we want solar stars! Our focus was on solar flag pole lights that shine brightly and last through the night.
                2. Durability & Weather Resistance: Rain, snow, or sun, our chosen lights have been tested to weather it all, just like your sturdy flagpole.
                  3. Ease of Installation: We've chosen lights that you can set up in a breeze, with clear, hassle-free instructions.
                    4. Price: Wallet-friendly or splurge-worthy, we have options for every budget, ensuring you get the bang for your buck.

                      Solar Lights for Standard Flagpoles (1-inch diameter)


                      Need a light solution for our aluminum telescoping flagpole or our 16-foot fiberglass flagpole? You're in the right place!

                      Enrybia solar pole lights


                      Our Pick: The Enrybia Solar Flag Pole Light


                      Looking for a reliable and budget-friendly light for your standard flagpole? The Enrybia Solar Flag Pole Light might just be what you're after. Its 360° adjustability means you can tweak and turn until you get the light shining just right on your flag. What's more, when it's fully juiced up, it promises up to 12 hours of light. That's pretty solid for a single charge. And while we're talking about range, its light covers a good 6-10 feet! The snug fit design means you don't have to worry about it sliding down your flagpole. Plus, with the included ground stake, you've got the option to use it as a landscape light. Handy, right?


                      • Powerful illumination 
                      • Hassle-free automatic operation
                      • Secure installation with a tight grip



                      • Only 1 light, may only light a single side depending on placement
                      • Can be difficult to align solar panel to sun


                      Etzeaxus Solar Flagpole Light


                      Etzeaxus Solar Flag Pole Light


                      If you're considering an alternative to our top pick, you might want to look at the Etzeaxus Solar Flag Pole Light. This little light has proven itself in both sunshine and rain, which is always a plus for outdoor gear. Its versatility gets a nod from us, given you have the choice to mount it on your flagpole or use the provided screws to fix it on a wall. Like the Enrybia, it also doesn't slack off when it comes to performance, offering up to 12 hours of shine on a full charge, and a commendable light range of 10-20 feet. While it's a strong contender, it does have a smaller light than the Enrybia, and you'll need to keep a AA battery on hand (which is not required with the Enrybia). 


                      • Durable in various weather conditions.
                      • Versatile mounting options.
                      • Impressive light range of 10-20 feet.



                      • Light is somewhat smaller compared to Enrybia.
                      • Requires 1 AA battery.


                      Solar Lights for Large Diameter Flagpoles (2-inch diameter)


                      Looking for solar lights for our Aluminum 20-Foot Flagpole or our 28’ Fiberglass Heavy Duty Flag Pole? Let’s dive into our top picks. 

                      kayiune solar flag pole light


                      Our Pick: Kayiune Solar Flag Pole Light


                      When you've got a large diameter flagpole, you need a light that's up to the task. Enter the Luminex Solar Flag Pole Light. This solar light boasts 32 super bright LED lamp beads for 100% flag coverage, ensuring that every inch of your flag gets the spotlight it deserves. Want to tweak the lighting angle a bit? No sweat, as it offers a generous 180-degree adjustability. A full charge gets you an impressive 16 hours of light, and the automatic charging and lighting features mean it's pretty hands-off once you've set it up. Speaking of setting up, it's pretty easy to install. But a heads-up: it doesn’t come with instructions, and having an extra pair of hands to help might make things smoother.


                      • Superb brightness with 32 LED lamp beads.
                      • Full flag coverage.
                      • Adjustable lighting angle.
                      • Durable and weatherproof design.
                      • Stellar 16-hour performance on a full charge.
                      • Automatic charging and lighting.



                      • Lacks instruction manual.
                      • Easier to install with two pairs of hands.


                      rayslit flag pole solar light


                      RAYSLIT Flag Pole Light Solar


                      Got a preference when it comes to the color of your solar light hardware? The RAYSLIT's got you covered, as it comes in two chic options: classic black and crisp white. Whichever you choose, it's designed to complement your flagpole beautifully. When it comes to brightness, this light doesn't mess around. It's packed with 1000 lumen high-intensity LEDs, ensuring your flag stays in the limelight. And with up to 12+ hours of runtime at night, it's in for the long haul. Mother Nature's unpredictability isn’t a concern either, thanks to its weatherproof design. And for those who love hands-free operations (who doesn’t?), it's equipped to automatically light up the night at dusk and take a break come dawn. The real kicker? Its five spotlights provide a 360-degree illumination, meaning your flag gets the all-around attention it deserves.


                      • Choice of two colors for aesthetic flexibility.
                      • Ultra-bright 1000 lumen LEDs.
                      • Sturdy, weatherproof construction.
                      • Hassle-free automatic operations.
                      • Comprehensive 360-degree flag illumination with five spotlights.



                      • Less run time than the Kayiune Solar Flag Pole Light




                      Choosing the right solar light for your flagpole is not just about aesthetics, but also about functionality and longevity. For those using standard flagpoles, the Enrybia Solar Flag Pole Light emerges as our top recommendation, blending performance with versatility. Meanwhile, if you're sporting a large diameter flagpole, the Kayiune Solar Flag Pole Light is our go-to choice, ensuring comprehensive flag coverage and impressive battery life. But remember, there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. The Etzeaxus and RAYSLIT offer solid alternatives, each bringing its own set of strengths to the table. So, whether you're prioritizing brightness, versatility, or ease of use, we've got an option tailored for you. Here's to ensuring your flag remains brilliantly illuminated, 24/7!


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