flag for golf cart close up

Flags for Golf Carts


There’s a lot you can do to add some personality to your cart. You can let your creativity run wild with custom paint jobs or deck it out with personalized decals.  Our favorite, and the most budget-friendly way to show off your personality is by flying some flags! We offer NCAA flags, NFL flags, MLB flags, and patriotic flags to boot. It’s a tee-rific way to add some flair to the fairway! 

Our golf cart flags are 12" x 18" and are perfectly compatible with our golf cart flag holders. These flags strike the right balance – they add just the right amount of flagging flair without being overly distracting, ensuring you enjoy your game without any fuss!

Red, blue, or handicap flags on golf carts often indicate that golfers may require some special accommodations, such as improved access. When you spot one of these flags on the course, remember to be courteous and considerate to ensure everyone enjoys their round of golf! Golf etiquette, after all, is part of the game! 

About the Collection

Ready to become golf cart goals? Our exclusive collection of flags for golf carts turns every outing into a  ‘par’-ty! Whether you want to show off your Stars and Stripes, or add a touch of humor with funny golf cart flags, we’ve got the ideal flag to match your vibe! And for those looking to up their tournament game, fret not! We offer tournament-ready flags that will make your participants feel like true pros on the course. It’s time to turn heads and tee off in style with our flags for golf carts!