Lions Flag & Game Day Gear

Welcome to the Lion’s den! Our Lions flag and game day gear will have you ROARING with pride this football season. Fly your flag in the parking lot of Ford Stadium and prove yourself as the Lions number one fan! Create unforgettable memories on game day with the best gear to support the best team in football. From us to you, Let's Roar, Detroit!

The Ultimate Game Day Checklist

We’ve got the inside scoop on game day tailgate planning, and we’re sharing our secrets! Download our free checklist to make this football season one for the books. ​​From essential items to unexpected game day delights, we've included it all! Grab your free copy, and get ready to cheer “Go Lions!”

We’re also throwing in a bonus coloring sheet to keep the kiddos entertained! Happy tailgating! 



Tailgate kit: Looking to raise your Lions flag in style? Look no further than our tailgate kit! This top-notch set comes with our premium telescoping aluminum flagpole and a tire mount for a hassle-free setup.

Hide-a-Pole: Our Hide-a-Pole is Sleek, compact, and designed for those who love to march, wave, and celebrate with their team's flag. This discreet flagpole ensures you're always ready to showcase your Lion pride!

28’ Pole: Introducing our 28-foot pole—the tallest portable flagpole you'll find! Be the towering symbol of superfan dedication in the stadium, and let your Lions' pride reach new heights.

Hitch mount: Don't ever leave your Lions' spirit behind, no matter where your journey takes you! Our hitch mount is the MVP for fans on the move. Effortlessly attach it to your vehicle, ensuring your Detroit Lions' flag display remains secure and soaring high.

Wall Bracket: Wave your Lions' flag with unwavering pride right from your porch, thanks to our dedicated wall bracket! Even when you're cheering from the comfort of your home, you can still proudly display your team spirit!


Setting up the Tailgate Kit is a breeze! We've created this video tutorial that will guide you through the process in just a matter of minutes.