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  • Accurately record your time, distance and calories burned all from the convenience of your mobile phone
  • Review your history by golf rounds and lifetime statistics
  • Bluetooth connectivity creates a seamless look and eliminates the need for wires
  • Convenient display map saves the course path of each round played
  • No hassle set-up with quick and easy installation
  • Extremely lightweight at only 0.1 lbs
  • Easily attaches to any golf push cart on the market
  • App is free of charge and available for download on Android and IOS devices


How do I pair my Tracker device to the Bag Boy App?
First, attach the tracker to the spoke of either rear wheel on your push cart using the included rubber band. Open the app and tap the menu icon () in the top left corner. Select "Add Device" from the menu and follow the on-screen prompts to scan for nearby Tracker devices and select the device to pair.
What benefits does the Bag Boy Tracker offer over smart phone apps that utilize GPS?
The Bag Boy Tracker not only tracks distance, like a GPS map app may record, but also estimated calories burned and elapsed play time. Additionally, the Bag Boy Tracker uses both smartphone GPS Location data in conjunction with cart wheel rotations recorded by the physical device in order to generate a more accurate distance recording than GPS data alone.
Why does the Bag Boy App request GPS Location Data access from my phone?
The Bag Boy App requires Background Location Data access in order to generate the map data as seen on the individual Rounds Played screen as well as to continue tracking your round even if you leave the app to answer a text message, use another app, or left your phone go to sleep mode. Bag Boy does not use Location Data for any purposes other than recording distance traveled as noted in our Privacy Policy. If you disable Background Location Data access, your rounds will not be recorded accurately.You may choose to enable Background Location Data access before playing a round and disable after saving your round.
What is the core feature and benefits of the Bag Boy App and Tracker?
The Tracker provides detailed analytics on your game. It quantifies the exercise you are getting, travel path, how many rounds of golf, and miles walked during play. It allows golfers to track progression toward fitness goals in an all-in-one application.
What are Milestone Rewards and how are they calculated?
Milestone Rewards offer special promotional discounts on Bag Boy products every 100 and 500 miles traveled. We set our Milestone Goals based on an aggregated average of rounds played and golf course length by golfers in the United States. The average round of golf is approximately 4 miles and most golfers play at least 20 round per year. Some golfers may earn rewards faster and others may earn rewards slower, but it is our hope that rewards will encourage all golfers to get out and walk the course in order to maintain fitness and enjoyment of the beautiful game.
What benefits does the Bag Boy Tracker offer over a smart watch fitness app?
Smart watches utilize various technology in order to track estimated steps, such as accelerometers that record arm swings, which may result in less accurate recordings, especially when taking practice swings. The Bag Boy App and Tracker only track the motion record by tire rotations in conjunction with GPS data for a more accurate recording.Additionally, the Bag Boy Tracker App offers a way to isolate exercise recorded during a round of golf from the daily exercise a smart watch may record from your total steps throughout the day, providing a way track calories burned playing golf versus other activities.We also hope that this product allows golfers who do not want a cumbersome wearable interfering with their swing or putt to track their fitness as well.
Can I use earned Milestone Rewards at other major retailers or ecommerce websites?
No, Milestone Rewards can only be redeemed from


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