20' Ultimate Backyard and Beach Flag Pole Kit

8 Reasons Why You Need a Beach Flagpole


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Ahhh beach days—at Flagpole-To-Go, we love soaking up the sun, feeling the sand between our toes, and letting the ocean waves wash away our worries. We love the endless fun and relaxation of the beach—But amidst the sea of umbrellas and beach chairs, how do you make your spot stand out? How do you create a sense of community and express your style? Enter: the beach flagpole kit, your ultimate companion for beach adventures.


01 Claim Your Spot 


Gone are the days of arriving at the beach early, carefully selecting your perfect spot, only to return from a refreshing swim to find someone has planted their stuff on your turf. With a beach flagpole, you can stake your claim and ensure that your spot remains yours throughout the day. No more awkward confrontations or uneasy glances—Just pure relaxation, knowing that your piece of paradise is safe and secure.


02 Find Your Friends 


Picture this: you're lounging on your beach towel, enjoying the warm sun on your skin, when your phone buzzes with a message from your friend. They've finally made it to the beach, but now comes the endless back-and-forth of trying to locate each other. With a beach flagpole, all the confusion and frustration disappears. Simply raise your flag high, and your friends will be able to spot you from a distance. No more missed connections or lost beach days—you can simply say “meet at my flagpole”, and enjoy your day phone-free!


03: Navigate with Ease 


We've all been there. You take a refreshing dip in the ocean, only to emerge disoriented and unsure of where you left your belongings. The beach flagpole is not only a statement of style, but it also serves as a navigational beacon, guiding you back to your spot with ease. You'll be able to navigate through the maze of beachgoers and reclaim your little slice of paradise in no time.


04: Create Community Vibes


Bond with the people that love the sand surf just as much as you do! With an epic beach setup, you’re bound to get some fellow beach-goers asking: “where did you get that?” Next thing you know, you'll be chatting and making new friends, all thanks to your flagpole.


05: Durable for Endless Summers


When it comes to beach accessories, durability is key. The beach flagpole is built to withstand the coastal elements, ensuring that it will be your reliable companion for endless summers. Crafted from lightweight yet sturdy telescoping aluminum, this flagpole can endure strong winds, salty air, and the occasional accidental bump without losing its charm. So, whether you're basking under the scorching sun during the day or hosting a beach bonfire at night, your beach flagpole will stand tall!


06: More Than Just a Flagpole


The beach flagpole is not just a one-trick pony. It offers versatility and functionality that goes beyond its primary purpose. Included in the kit is a ground mount that not only holds your aluminum telescoping flagpole but also secures your umbrella. No more struggling to keep your umbrella in place or worrying about it being whisked away by a sudden gust of wind. Simply stake the ground mount into the sand, insert your umbrella, and secure it with the provided screw. It's a simple yet ingenious solution that ensures your shade stays put, allowing you to enjoy the beach without a care in the world!


07: Express Your Style 


Get the beach party started by expressing your personal style through flags! With the beach flagpole, you have the opportunity to showcase your individuality and creativity. Fly up to two flags, mix and match designs, and choose your desired flagpole height to create a beach setup that is uniquely yours. Whether you opt for vibrant patterns, nautical themes, or patriotic colors, your flag will turn heads and spark conversations. You’ll be the envy of the beach!


08: Go Beyond the Shore


The Beach Flagpole Kit isn't just for beach days – you can take it anywhere! It’s perfect for camping, music festivals, and backyard celebrations. Versatile and fun, it's the go-to for any outdoor gathering, any time of year. Embrace the endless possibilities with the Beach Flagpole Kit!



And there you have it – the secret sauce to turn your beach days into unforgettable adventures! With Flagpole-To-Go, your beach experience gets an instant upgrade. So, as you gear up for your next adventure, make the Flagpole-To-Go Beach Kit your go-to. Elevate your beach days, show off your style, and take the beach vibes wherever you go with the Beach Flagpole Kit! 🏖️🚩✨


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