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Down On Your Basketball Luck? Pick New Pre Game Rituals


pre game rituals



Is your basketball team caught in a frustrating losing streak this season? We know first hand how disheartening it can be to see your favorite team suffer a string of losses, and know the impact it has on the overall excitement. So, we think it's the perfect moment for you to shake things up and refresh your pre game rituals. By giving new life to your game-day routine with new and exciting traditions, you can regain the awesome energy and excitement that comes with being a basketball fan! So, gear up, grab your lucky charm, and let's dive into the world of pre game rituals that will supercharge your basketball experience!


1. Embrace Your Lucky Charm


If you don’t have a signature game day accessory, now is the time to get one! A lucky charm can be your secret weapon to turn losses into wins. Pick an item that brings you luck and forms an unbreakable connection to the game—It could be a signed jersey, a mini basketball keychain, lucky socks, a team logo pendant, a personalized jersey patch, a basketball wristband, a lucky coin, or even a team-color friendship bracelet. Wear it proudly and let it infuse you with the energy of a true superfan!


Might we suggest a lucky pennant? Check out our NCAA flags!


2. Fuel Your Fandom with a Pre-Game Meal Tradition


To truly immerse yourself in the basketball spirit, discover the pre-game meals of your favorite players and make it a part of your ritual. Whether it's replicating their choice or creating your unique spin on it, sharing the same meal as your basketball heroes can be a powerful bonding experience. Alternatively, pick a favorite concession food to enjoy every time – whether it's the classic dip 'n dots or a trusty hotdog. Don't forget to add an element of surprise by picking a quarter to treat yourself to a fun drink and chugging it in the spirit of victory.


3. Capture the Excitement with Pregame Photo Ops


For those lucky enough to attend games in person, incorporate pregame photo ops into your ritual. Take a selfie outside the arena with a team banner, creating memories that will last a lifetime. If you're tuning in from home, consider tweeting encouraging messages to the team before tip-off. Your pregame preparations contribute to the team spirit, even from afar.


4. Make a Pump-Up Playlist


Create a pump-up playlist filled with high-energy songs that ignite your basketball spirit. Whether it's hip-hop, rock, or pop, find the beats that make you feel invincible. Blast your playlist before the game to get energized, and you’ll be the biggest hype-person your team has ever seen!


5. Rituals & Routines During the Game 


As the game unfolds, immerse yourself in rituals that mark the moments of victory. Choose a specific time to chug your drink, sit in the same row or seat for every game, and for home viewing, designate a seat that becomes your game-watching throne. 


6. The Post-Game Victory Dance


Victory celebrations are the cherry on top of a successful game. Create a victory dance routine that you can perform after each win. Gather your fellow fans, friends, or family members and choreograph a dance that captures the essence of triumph. Let loose, groove to the beat, and celebrate the victories in style.


Conclusion: Unleash Your Inner Superfan!


In times of a losing streak, your team craves unwavering support, and now is the perfect moment to ramp up your fan game! Fresh pre game rituals can reignite your fan spirit. Whether you're rocking a lucky charm, fueling your passion with pregame meals, capturing moments through photo ops, or immersing yourself in victory rituals, these traditions forge a deep connection to the game. So, spice it up, craft your unique rituals, and let your inner superfan radiate through every dribble, pass, and slam dunk. Your team needs your energy – let's make every game a victory celebration! 🏀🔥



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