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Florida Georgia Game 2023: What You Need to Know


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The clock is ticking for the epic clash that never fails to send shockwaves through the sports world: The Florida-Georgia game. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled spectacle packed with jaw-dropping comebacks, electrifying fan fervor, and a tailgate experience that's nothing short of legendary. We’ll dive into the gripping long standing rivalry between these two football powerhouses, and give you the inside scoop for scoring last minute tickets. Are you ready to be part of the action?

The History Behind the Game

The story starts in 1915, when the first Florida-Georgia game was played. Fast forward and few years, and the two teams have met every year since 1926 (except for a wartime interruption in 1943), and this showdown has turned into THE event of the season.

Originally, this epic clash happened on campus grounds, but it migrated to Jacksonville, Florida in 1933. Jacksonville has been home to the rivalry ever since (and will continue to be at least through 2025). The game is played on TIAA Bank Field, home to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and transforms into the hub of this sports spectacle, often packed with more than 80,000 fans!

When it comes to wins, Georgia holds a slight edge in the all-time series record, 54-44-2. Florida’s been on a hot streak, winning four of the last five games, including a 42-20 victory in 2020 and a 24-21 victory in 2022. While Georgia IS projected to win this year, at this game, truly anything can happen! That’s why you’ll need to attend or tune in to CBS on Saturday, October 28th at 3:30 PM ET.


Past Highlights and Memorable Moments

Let's rewind to 1980, where Georgia's Buck Belue pulled off a mind-blowing 93-yard touchdown pass to Lindsay Scott, sealing their 26-21 victory in what's now dubbed the "Run Lindsay Run" play. Jump to 2007, and the legendary Tim Tebow swoops in, securing a glorious 42-30 win for Florida with a fourth-quarter touchdown. Oh, and don't even get us started on the heart-stopping upset of 2012 when Georgia snatched a thrilling 20-16 victory over Florida.

These historic highlights are what make the Florida Georgia Game an absolute rollercoaster of excitement. Who knows what jaw-dropping moments are in store for this year's showdown? Get ready for some serious action!

TIAA Stadium

The 2023 Florida Georgia Game - What to Expect

The 2023 Florida Georgia Game is shaping up to be another classic matchup between two of the biggest rivals in college football. Both teams will be looking to make a statement and secure a victory in one of the most important games of the season. The game is sure to be a sellout, and fans from both teams will be out in full force to cheer on their respective schools. The Florida Georgia Game is always a high-energy, intense matchup, and the 2023 game is sure to be no different.

Tailgating and Fan Traditions at the Florida Georgia Game

When it's Florida versus Georgia, the real action doesn't just happen on the field. Picture this: an explosion of team colors, the aroma of sizzling grills, and the sound of laughter and cheers blending into an infectious pre-game symphony. The tailgating scene at the Florida Georgia Game is nothing short of legendary. It's where fans showcase their creative team spirit in vibrant displays, and the energy is contagious.

And that's not all – traditions only add to the spectacle. Don't miss the "Gator Walk" and "Dawg Walk" as players navigate through the vibrant sea of supporters, sparking an electric fervor that sets the stage for the epic battle to follow. Whether it's the extravagant fan setups or the timeless traditions, the Florida Georgia Game tailgating is a must-see experience that's bound to leave you in awe.

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Fan Gear 

The biggest rivalry calls for the biggest display of spirit! Check out our Ultimate Tailgate Kit to mark your spot. We offer a compatible 3’ x 5’ Florida Gators Flag to complete your look. We also offer 12” x 18” pennants for both teams, compatible with our garden flagpole, boat flag pole, and golf cart flag holder. Whether you’re in the thick of the action, or cheering from afar, we have a flag option for every fan! 

Florida Georgia Tailgates & Tickets

If you're planning on attending the Florida Georgia Game, it’s not too late to secure tickets to the game, and some spirited events! 

Game Tickets

Hurry and secure your spot for the thrill and action! At the time of this article, tickets are still available on Ticketmaster—snag yours before they sell out!


  • Bud light tailgate: Gear up for an unforgettable experience with an open bar, scrumptious food, and a star-studded guest list! Just a short 4-block stroll from TIAA Stadium, tickets start at $34.99.. 
  • Revel: Want to host your own game day bash? Revel's got you covered with tent and chair rentals, plus media packages to catch all the pregame excitement. Don't forget to check out our tailgate essentials guide for top tips on what to bring!
  • Tailgate Bar: If you're after some pre-game fun, look no further than the Tailgate Bar! Serving up good vibes with a live DJ and full-service bar, it's the ultimate spot within walking distance of the stadium. Parking opens at 6:00am for early birds!

No matter your vibe, there's still a chance to be part of the action and make some unforgettable memories at this must-see event!


Florida Georgia Events

In addition to the game itself, there are several events and activities surrounding the Florida Georgia Game that fans won't want to miss.

  • Florida-Georgia Hall of Fame: Join in honoring the legends of this epic rivalry, from the remarkable players to the exceptional coaches and administrators. Don't miss your chance! The event kicks off at noon on Friday, October 27, and there are still tickets up for grabs!
  • Florida v. Georgia Fall Exhibition Baseball: It’s not football, but it’s still Florida v. Georgia! Get the rivalry going early by watching the two teams play ball! And stick around for the 90s-themed after-party to keep the excitement going!


The Florida Georgia Game is more than just a football game; it's an experience. From the intense rivalry on the field to the lively tailgating scene, the Florida Georgia Game is a must-see event for any college football fan. The history and tradition behind the game make it a unique and special event, and the 2023 game is sure to be another classic matchup between two of the best teams in college football. So if you're looking for an unforgettable weekend of football, food, and fun, make sure to mark your calendar for the 2023 Florida Georgia Game.


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