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When it comes to beach days, a little planning goes a long way. Are you ready to transform your sandy excursions into luxurious, Instagram-worthy outings? We've dove deep into the world of YouTube to bring you the ultimate beach setup guide. From the comfiest chairs to innovative gadgets, this curated collection of YouTube videos is your ticket to the perfect beach day. Grab your sunscreen, and let’s dive in!



    1. Best Beach Chair


      Let’s be real: you go to the beach to lounge. And on days where you just want to kick back and relax, a comfortable beach chair is a must-have. On our hunt to look for the best of the best, one chair stood out. 


      The Helinox Beach Chair 



      For the best beach chairs, we turned to the YouTube channel How2Beach where they reviewed the Helinox beach chair. If you’re in search of the throne from which to reign over your beach domain, look no further! How2Beach raved about its lightweight design, and all of the features that set it apart from a regular camping chair. The chair features a mesh back that ensures airflow to keep you cool on hot days. It also includes dual cup holders for your beverages, stable legs designed to prevent sinking into the sand, and a tall headrest for ultimate relaxation. The chair’s design mimics the comfort of lying in a hammock, making it perfect for beach lounging.

      How2Beach also raves about the Helinox Zero table, a compact sidekick that's perfect for keeping your essentials like drinks and phones sand-free and within reach!


      Check out the full Helinox Beach Chair Review here


        2. Best Beach Tents


          Shade is a must on any good beach day. Whether you’re flying solo or partying with the whole squad, we have two awesome picks to level up your beach set up.


          Baggu Beach Tent 



          We love this YouTube short posted by Alli Cherry on the Baggue beach tent—she shows off just how easy it is to pop this tent up, and fold it back up when you’re done. Not only is it quick to set up, it also comes in fun, vibrant patterns, and is crafted for recycled fabric! This little tent is small, but perfect for one to two beach-goers, and its small size makes it a breeze to carry to and from the car.


          Check out the Baggu Beach tent on YouTube Shorts.


          Soli Beach Canopy



          When it comes to larger gatherings, we love Steve Sherron’s rec of the Soli Beach canopy. This inflatable tent offers a spacious environment, and could easily fit 4 chairs side by side. It’s easily inflatable, as it comes with its own USB-charged air pump. You can tie it down for Andy days, and you can add a side wall to block any sun. Also, this guy just looks better than your classic beach tent! 


          Check out the full Soli Beach Canopy video here. 


            3. Best Beach Gadgets


              It’s the little things that made a difference. During our hunt for the best beach products, we discovered 3 things that solve problems you didn’t even know you had. 


              Beach Cup Holders



              Freakin’ Reviews introduced use to beach cup holders. These nifty devices screw right into the sand to keep your drinks and gadgets pristine and sand-free.


              Check out the beach cup holder review here


              Giga Pump



              Say goodbye to wasted inflatable time with this mini powerhouse pump recommended by Beach Gear Guys. It’s a small inflatable device that both inflates and deflates your inflatables in minutes! 


              Check out the Giga Pump review here


              Beach Grip Umbrella Anchor



              Another gem from Beach Gear Guys that ensures your beach umbrella stays put, even on windy days. It’s essentially a collar that goes on the end of your umbrella pole, and you can bury it with sand for extra security! 


              Check out the Beach Grip Umbrella Anchor review here


                4. Best Luxury Ideas


                  Looking for something out of the ordinary? Check out these awesome tips for setting up a beach bash to remember.


                  Setting Up a Luxury Beach Picnic



                  Check out Jazz from Picnic Thyme Co. as she expertly walks us through the art of luxury beach picnicking in her video, “How to Set Up a Luxury Picnic”. She reveals that the secret to a next-level beach dining experience lies in the details. Jazz emphasizes the importance of choosing elegant table runners, chic vine decorations, and sophisticated tableware, each playing a pivotal role in enhancing the ambiance. She also highlights the practical yet stylish use of beach blankets—Kept handy in a decorative basket, these blankets not only add an elevated feel, but also provide warmth during those cool summer evenings! 


                  Dive into her video for these and more sophisticated tips to elevate your next beach outing.


                  Wrapping It Up


                  Armed with these tips and recommendations from top YouTube influencers, your next beach visit is guaranteed to be a breeze. These essentials not only enhance your comfort but ensure your beach setup is as stunning as it is functional. So, load up your playlist, pack your new gear, and get ready to soak up the sun in style. Remember, a great beach day is all in the details!


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