Bag Boy Highlights Top Gifts for the Holiday Season

This holiday season, Bag Boy is highlighting three popular gifts—the Nitron push cart, cart mitt and hand warmer accessories. 

The Nitron is the perfect holiday gift for the walking golf lover in your life. Equipped with Nitro-Piston Technology, the Nitron is engineered to be the fastest and easiest opening cart on the market. Featuring a super compact fold size, the cart makes it easy to take with you wherever your next round is. 

In cold weather conditions, the cart mitt and hand warmer accessories are perfect for keeping hands comfortable on the course. The cart mitt easily attaches to any push cart handle and helps to keep hands warm with its ultra-soft fleece lining. The electric hand warmer provides up to 2.5 hours of warmth up to 131 degrees on a single charge and has multiple heat settings to be used in a variety of weather conditions. 

“These gifts are some of the go-to choices for customers around the holidays, and they make great gifts for golfers of all skill levels,” said Perry Hilbert, Sales Manager for Bag Boy.

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