Haas-Jordan Offering Limitless Customization Options

Haas-Jordan is highlighting its extensive umbrella customization capabilities.

With quick lead times and a variety of customization options to choose from, Haas-Jordan can quickly deliver detailed custom umbrellas that display any logo or brand. With US-based in-house printing, outer canopy designs can be screen-printed in unlimited color options with a 14-day production time.

For complete customized umbrellas, Haas-Jordan offers fully customizable inner and outer canopy designs and colors, as well as a customizable dome handle medallion on select umbrellas.

“We offer an array of umbrella customization options to meet all our customers’ needs,” said Renee Pfau, Product Manager at Haas-Jordan. “Regardless of how large or small a custom order is, our expert design team works hard to ensure all designs exceed customer expectations.”

For more information on Haas-Jordan’s customization options, visit www.haasjordan.com.