IGOTCHA Line of Golf Ball Retrievers Feature Jawz Retrievers:

The Only Ball Retriever with Teeth

Richmond, VA – IGOTCHA is the #1 selling golf ball retriever in the industry. These patented ball retrievers were instantly popular for their durable, stainless steel shafts, head designs and easy locking devices. The colorful Jawz line was created to be easy to see in the water with a vibrant, rubberized surface which grips and holds the golf ball in place. Golf ball retrievers are very handy in grabbing and retrieving balls that have landed in water, bushes, or otherwise difficult areas to reach on a golf course.

“The single piece head design of the Jawz retriever makes it simple to retrieve golf balls stuck in any type of hazard without interference from twigs, branches or other obstacles,” said Morgan Austin, Assistant Product Manager at IGOTCHA. “This sleek design coupled with the compact stainless steel shaft also makes the Jawz retriever easy to store in the garment pocket of your golf bag.”

IGOTCHA Jawz retrievers are ultra-compact and with a single piece head design, there are no moving parts. The retriever’s head has a co-molded rubberized surface. These retrievers are rust-resistant, thanks to its patented, stainless steel shaft. Jawz retrievers come in three standard sizes, the 10-foot, 14-foot and 18-foot reach. The 10-foot collapses to 15.5 inches, the 14-foot to 17.5 inches and the 18-foot down to just 21 inches. To see the full collection visit www.igotchagolf.com.




IGOTCHA is the #1 selling golf ball retriever. Established in 1996, the patented ball retriever was instantly popular with its patented shaft, head design and easy locking device. IGOTCHA ball retrievers are available in 5 sizes with a reach ranging from 10′ to 21′ feet. IGOTCHA golf ball retrievers feature the Jawz line of retrievers, a colorful new line created to be easy to see in the water. Also offered in 2 options is the patented IGOTCHA Ready Swing Weights.

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