3' x 5' Outdoor Flags

Flagpole Guide


Make flag setup a breeze with our convenient kits. Whether you're headed to the beach or gearing up for a tailgate party, our kits include a telescoping flagpole and easy-to-use hardware for hassle-free installation. These all-in-one solutions are perfect for showing your colors, whether in the sand or at a game.


Telescoping Aluminum Flagpole

Our telescoping aluminum flagpole is the perfect partner for adventurers. Its collapsible, lightweight design makes it an ideal choice for those who are always on the move.



Take matters into your own hands with our compact and portable hide-a-pole. It's the perfect handheld option for waving your flag, especially during parades and special events.


28’ Fiberglass Heavy Duty Flagpole

Elevate your flag display to new heights with our 28’ Fiberglass Heavy Duty Flagpole, the tallest option on the market. This flagpole allows you to proudly showcase your flag high above the rest, making a commanding statement wherever it's installed.


About the Collection

Fly your flag your way with our 3’x5’ Outdoor Flags. Whether you’re looking for on-the-go options or for a permanent flag display, we have options to suit your style.  Are you a die-hard sports fan looking to represent your team during the big game? Look no further than our Collegiate and NFL flags. Are you looking to express your patriotic side and military support? Take a look at our American and Military Flag options. Designed to work with any of our 5-foot or taller flagpole options, our flags are up to the task of making a bold statement! Join our community of flag flying enthusiasts and proudly display what matters most to you!