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Dynamic Brands Identity Guide

Dynamic Brands Guidelines

Dynamic Brands is seen by over 56 countries internationally. When the Dynamic Brands logo is used consistently, we build recognition and market leadership. Thus, understanding and consistently applying these identity guidelines is a foundation for building our global brand. With strong brand recognition, we build stronger customer relationships and sales around the world now and in the future.

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Our Logo

This logo must appear on all print and interactive Dynamic Brands mediums. It should only appear once per visual surface, not including placement on product.

Full color logo for white and light colored backgrounds

Full color logo with white border for black and dark colored backgrounds

Single color logo for use in screen-printing or limited color formats
Angled Logo

Do not alter the angle of the logo The logo should always remain horizontal.


Do not use the Dynamic Brands logo within a sentence or headline.

No Underline

Do not use the Dynamic Brands logo without an underline.

Filtered Logo

Do not apply special effects, outlines or filters to all or part of the logo.

Clear Space

Allow at least 0.125" clear space around all sides of the logo for print applications and at least 8 pixels for web applications.

Minimum Size

Logo should never be displayed smaller than 1.125" wide for print applications and 140 pixels wide for web applications.


The following colors are the primary palette used in print and web media design.

Classic Black
C 100%; M 100%; Y 100%; B 100%
Dynamic Red
PMS 711
C 19%; M 84%; Y 68%; B 6%


The following fonts are used consistently in print media.

Bebas Neue
Section Breaks and Subheadings
Frutiger Condensed
Body Text

Internal Communications

Email Signature Block
Business Cards

Brand Summary

Founded in 2004, Dynamic Brands is the parent company for a portfolio of premium brand name companies committed to the development of innovative, quality products and outstanding customer service in the sporting goods industry. Golf and recreational products are offered through Bag Boy®, Burton®, Datrek® Golf, Devant Sport Towels®, IGOTCHA®, SEARCH 'N RESCUE® and FLAGPOLE-TO-GO® brands, and include walking carts, golf bags, travel covers, custom sport towels, bag tags, golf ball retrievers, flags and accessories. In addition, Dynamic Brands is the U.S. distributor of Evnroll putters—the 100% milled putters feature designer Guerin Rife’s patented “Sweet Face” Technology, delivering unprecedented accuracy and zero dispersion. Dynamic Brands' products are marketed in 87 countries worldwide.



Letterhead -
We use Dynamic Brands' branding for all official communication.


Logos -
The following archive contains logo images in multiple file formats.

.eps | .jpg | .png

Press Release -
Use the following template and boilerplate for press releases.

Dynamic Brands Identity Guide