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Why you should ditch the golf cart and walk your next round

Why you should ditch the golf cart and walk your next round

It seems like almost every day you hear about some new solution that's supposed to instantly make you a better golfer. Some work, some don’t and some are just placebo effect. But there is one often overlooked trick that has been proven time and time again to help your game and improve your overall experience—walking the course.

Now, before you turn up your nose and scoff that you're “not doing that” under your breath, you might find it interesting to hear some of the ways walking impacts your health and your game.

When golf was created, it was intended to be a walking sport. Course makers wanted players to take in the scenery, enjoy time outside and keep a clear mind as they moved from hole to hole. And for a while, this was the way the game was played... until the mid-1950's when motorized golf carts became popularized.

These motorized golf carts initially hit the scene as a way to help older people continue to play golf, and at first, they were not popular in the least. It wasn't until the carts began being offered in electric options and courses realized the rental money that could be made on them that golf carts finally gained real traction at courses across the country. With that, a new standard for playing was born. 

While the common way to play golf in the United States is still with a motorized golf cart, more and more states and courses are enacting bans on electric carts to promote the original ideas of the game, keep the courses looking pristine and improve community health.

Let’s dive into some of the many benefits that walking the course provides. 


1. Health


One of the more obvious reasons for walking over riding is the health benefits it offers. On average, golfers burn double the amount of calories when walking as opposed to riding—around 700 total! This helps you maintain a healthy weight and is a great way to combat heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. 

If you are turned away by the idea of carrying your bag, you might find it interesting to learn that walking and pushing your bag on a push or pull cart burns almost the exact same amount of calories as carrying. This allows you to still get all of the same health benefits of walking without the strain that lugging your bag around the course puts on your muscles.



2. Lower Scores


Let’s be honest, this is the real reason you’re considering walking. By walking the course instead of zooming around in a golf cart, you're able to get a better layout of the course and keep your muscles loose and warm while you travel to and from your next shot. By keeping your muscles moving and being able to read the distances and elevation changes, you set yourself up for a better shot and swing.

Another interesting thing to note—a study performed by Neil Wolkodoff found that, on average, golfers repeatedly shoot lower scores when using a push cart or electric push cart when compared to riding, using a caddy or carrying their bag. We recommend testing out all of these different methods and seeing which one yields you the better score.



3. Mental Clarity


While walking the course provides immense health and scoring benefits, it also serves as a great opportunity to provide golfers with the mental clarity needed to play their best. Walking allows you to gain a more complete sense of your surroundings and helps you to get your bearings when preparing for your next shot. It gives you a better feel on your distance, and can give you time to reflect on what is going right or wrong with your swing.



4. Social Experience


An often overlooked benefit to walking is the social aspect. Walking gives you time to slow down, to talk things over with your foursome and connect in a way that doesn’t make you feel rushed. This social time is critical for helping you relax, network, meet new people and gain feedback on your game. 


In our opinion, walking is the absolute best way to play. Not only does it generally improve your score, but it makes the overall experience so much more enjoyable. If you are able-bodied, we recommend walking the next time you hit the links to see how you like it and how it affects your game.

If you're looking for a good time to test this whole walking thing out, National Walking Day is coming up on April 6th. Many courses offer deals or incentives when you walk their course on this day, so it could be a good excuse to try it out!

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