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The Most Head Scratching Golf Superstitions

The Most Head Scratching Golf Superstitions

Of all the words you could use to describe the game of golf, predictable isn’t one of them. While there are a number of factors within our control, there are also a wide number of things that seemingly have nothing to do logic and everything to do with luck. To make sure our game is aligned with the luck of the golf gods, we oftentimes have no choice but to lean into niche traditions, routines and superstitions. 

These habits can range from the color of the tees we use to what’s in our pockets when we play. Here’s our list of some of the most interesting superstitions in the game.

 Red Tee

Avoid Red Tees


Red is a powerful color. It can hold a variety of meanings, but on the golf course it can sometimes represent danger and unease. Teeing off your shot with one of these forbidden red tees is said to make it difficult for you to relax and focus on your shot. And if you aren't careful, a red tee can have you losing balls left and right off the tee box. Superstition or not, many golfers find it in their best interest to steer clear.  


Pen Color Matters


The pen superstition is less about using a specific color and more about what color works for you. We suggest you try out a few different colors on your scorecard for your next few rounds and see which one ends up recording the better score. We suggest sticking with the pen color that yields you a lower scoring round.



Lucky Items


Whether you keep things in your pocket or in your bag, there are a wide number of trinkets that bring people luck on the course. Jack Nicklaus won’t play without three coins in his pocket, and Tiger won't play his last round without a red shirt on. But there are tons of other lucky items you can bring with you or wear that can bring you good fortune, like lucky tees, socks, dice, golf towels, and personalized ball markers. If you don’t have a lucky item yet, try some of the above or check out these new lucky themed golf towels.



Playing a Great Round? Don't Wash that Ball


If you just shot 36 on the front nine, whatever you do—don’t wash that ball. No matter how dirty and scuffed up it is. No matter how much you want to wash it. Don't do it. Washing that ball is equivalent to washing all your luck off. Keep playing it and trust in the golf gods to handle the rest. 



Avoid High Numbered Golf Balls


Popularized by Ben Crenshaw, a wider known superstition is to not use golf balls with numbers higher that four. Legend has it, playing with a higher number ball increases your chances of scoring higher on that hole. Make sure you play it safe and stick with lower numbered golf balls. 




One Birdie Per Ball


According to Ernie Els, every ball only has one birdie in it. So once you score one, it’s best to retire that ball or risk a double bogey on the next hole. This isn’t a huge issue for us since we rarely sink a birdie, but if that’s your thing, keep this in mind next time you hit the links.



Never Use a Found Ball in the Same Round


With the price of golf balls, there is no better feeling than being able to pocket a few you found in the rough for free. However, golf superstitions state that you should never use balls found during a round in that same round. This is because they still have all that bad luck on them from the last person who shanked them into the woods. Now, we’re not saying you can’t keep them. All we’re saying is you should wait at least until your next round to play them.



Tap the Cup


Anytime you make a good putt, it should be muscle memory for you to tap the inside of the cup with the ball when taking it out. This is essentially you thanking the higher golf powers for allowing you to sink one from 9 feet out. Tapping the cup is said to allow you the opportunity to make another glorious putt before your round is over.

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