20' Ultimate Backyard and Beach Flag Pole Kit

7 Reasons You Need the Ultimate Tailgate Flagpole Kit


Ultimate Tailgate Flagpole Kit

As the big game approaches, fans get ready for the parking lot parties and epic tailgates ahead. But how do you take your tailgate from great to unforgettable? How do you stand out among the sea of fans while also marking your territory and bringing your group together?

The answer is our Ultimate Tailgate Flagpole Kit.

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This must-have tailgating gear has been noted by customers as a surefire way to make your tailgates the stuff of legends. With a durable and portable flagpole that extends up to 20 feet tall, the ability to fly two flags, and a sturdy tire mount, the Ultimate Tailgate Flagpole Kit has everything you need to display your team pride in a BIG way.

Read on to discover our 7 reasons why you NEED to get your hands on one before your next game day gathering. Your Ultimate Tailgate awaits!

Reason 1: Mark Your Spot


Game day is a whirlwind of excitement! Don’t get bogged down by endless "where are you?" texts. With your flag soaring high, your tailgate spot becomes a beacon, easily spotted from across the parking lot. Your friends will have zero trouble finding you. Plus, with your flag waving proudly, you can focus more on what really matters—cheering for your team!



Reason 2: Show Off Your Team Spirit


When you're the #1 fan of your team, you gotta go big! Elevate your tailgate atmosphere by proudly hoisting your team's colors. It's not just about having the drinks and fun vibes—it’s about shining the spotlight on your team loyalty!

Other fans will see your flags and know instantly: here's a die-hard supporter. Using your Ultimate Tailgate Kit, let your flags fly high and declare your undying allegiance. And don’t just settle for one team flag—go for two, and your tailgate will be noticed by EVERYONE in the parking lot. This flagpole kit isn’t just a display; it's a bold statement of your fandom.


Reason 3: Community Feel


Speaking of being noticed, your flagpole is your ticket to the heart of the tailgate community. The sight of flags fluttering all around will get your game day adrenaline surging. Share smiles and high-fives with nearby tailgaters, all while flaunting your team colors. Your flagpole is more than a display, it’s a way to form friendships!

Not to mention that setting up your own flagpole screams “I’m here to get the party started.” You’re sure to get lots of compliments from your fellow fans, and we bet people will remember you the next time you pull up to the big game! 

Reason 4: Use it Season after Season


Our Ultimate Tailgate Flagpole Kit is built to last. The telescoping aluminum flagpole is not just light but incredibly tough, braving winds up to 35mph. Made from weather-resistant materials, it’s ready for any condition—From the scorching sun at early season games to the freezing rain at late season rivalries, this flagpole kit is up for it all. Trust this kit to be your loyal tailgate companion, season after season. 

Reason 5: Easy Set-Up


It’s a snap to set up this flagpole – extend, lock, and mount, no tools needed! The telescoping design extends up to 20 feet tall, so you can fly your flag as high or low as you want. In just moments, your flagpole stands tall, and you’ve got an epic tailgate on your hands. 

Packing up is just as easy. Lightweight and compact, it’s a one-person job, leaving more time for fun and less for hassle. Our tailgating flag pole with tire mount collapses to 4' long x 2” tall, making it convenient to fit all your tailgate accessories and essentials in your truck.

With this easy, tool-free set up and take down, you'll be able to conveniently take your Ultimate Tailgate Flagpole Kit anywhere your tailgating adventures take you! Convenient portability and quick hassle-free set up is why our customers sing this flagpole kit’s praises.



Reason 6: Personal Expression


Express yourself with the Ultimate Tailgate Flagpole Kit. Fly up to two flags for double the pride or mix it up with your custom designs alongside official team flags. And, since you get to choose the flagpole height, you control exactly how prominent you want your personalized flags to be. The sky's the limit when it comes to showing off your unique tailgate flair!



Reason 7: Bring it Beyond the Tailgate


The Ultimate Tailgate Flagpole Kit isn’t just for game days. Our customers get creative and use this kit for so many different occasions! It's perfect for camping, music festivals, patriotic displays, and backyard celebrations. Versatile and fun, it’s the go-to for any outdoor gathering, any time of year. The possibilities are truly endless with the Ultimate Tailgate Flagpole Kit

Wrapping Up


Ready to up your tailgate game? The Ultimate Tailgate Flagpole Kit is waiting to elevate your fan experience to legendary heights. Make every Saturday count with this must-have gear. Your tailgating will never be the same!

The Ultimate Tailgate Flagpole Kit is one of those must-have items for any hardcore sports fan. From marking your territory to showing your passion for your team, it levels up your tailgate gate and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Ready to take your tailgate game to legendary status? The Ultimate Tailgate Flagpole Kit is waiting to elevate your fan experience to new heights. Make every game day count with this must-have gear. Your tailgating will never be the same!



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