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9 Need-to-Know Cold Weather Tailgating Tips


cold weather tailgating

Get ready to fire up your cold weather tailgating game! When the temperatures drop and the snow starts to fall, it doesn't mean the tailgate party has to stop—and you don’t have to shiver on icy bleachers, or huddle for warmth over lukewarm drinks, either. This season, we’re focusing on the thrill of the game thanks to this guide to mastering the art of cold weather tailgating. We’re arming you with the tips that you need to take your winter party from standard to stand out! Let’s dive into it—you and your crew will be cold weather warriors in no time! 

Tip 1: Layer Up


Just like the best tailgate dips, the ideal winter tailgate attire is all about LAYERS! Whether you're playing games, grilling up a storm, or simply mingling, wearable winter gear ensures the cold stays out while the heat stays in. We recommend dressing as if you're heading for a camping trip—from fleece-lined sweatshirts to heated vests to several pairs of wool socks, you’ll feel comfortable and conquer the cold. So suit up, then go out and seize the day - and the win! 

layer up - 1



Tip 2: Stay Dry


Staying dry is absolutely crucial for staying warm and comfortable during cold weather tailgating. Make sure your top outer layer is waterproof to protect against snow or rain. There's nothing worse than getting soaked in frigid temperatures! Take a cue from our experience at a recent FSU vs. Louisville game in North Carolina – cold and drizzly conditions were no match for our waterproof jackets and pants. They were absolute lifesavers! Take it from us—staying dry can be the difference between a fun time and a failed tailgate! 

Tip 3: Toasty Treats


Forget the cold beers; it's time for hot drinks like coffee, hot chocolate, and warm cider. And what's a tailgate without classic American chili? For great recipes, check out Jay Ducote's offerings – his Black Bean Chili is a seasonal hit. Be sure to bring a portable stove, crockpot, or thermos to keep everything piping hot. Your tastebuds, and your guests, will thank you!

toasty treats - 2


Tip 4: Build a Winter Wonderland


Who says a little winter wind can pull the plug on your tailgate fun? Not us! Transform your tailgate spot into a cozy winter fortress by setting up a sturdy, weather-resistant canopy or tent. Think of it as your very own basecamp—where the cheer keeps going no matter what Mother Nature throws down. 

We recommend getting a tent with side panels—They're like the defensive line for your tailgate, blocking out those cold winds and giving you a more intimate, exclusive vibe. Plus, they’re perfect for hanging more team decor (because there's no such thing as too much team spirit, right?).

With this setup, your tailgate party becomes an unstoppable force, just like your team. So go ahead, build that winter fortress and show the cold who's boss!

Tip 5: Bring on the Heat


Your tailgate should radiate warmth just like your team's spirit! A portable heater is a key item for hosting. Opt for a propane or electric heater with multiple heat settings—this allows you to adjust the temperature as needed. And make sure to put it in a central spot so guests can gather around it for warmth! 

Beyond the space heaters, don't overlook packing the classics like hot hands and battery-powered heated blankets—these items are essential for a cozy, welcoming space. With these heating helpers, your winter tailgate will be the “hottest” in town!

bring on the heat - 3



Tip 6: Light it Up


As the days get shorter, proper lighting becomes crucial for evening tailgates. Equip your space with lanterns, string lights, or headlamps, especially as dusk sets in! This way, you can keep the party going all night long. 

Bonus tip: Opt for team-colored lighting to show your spirit! String lights or lanterns in your team's colors can show off your spirit. And, your guests will appreciate the special touch!

Tip 7: Keep it Moving 


Avoid just standing around in the cold! Keep your guests engaged and warm by planning some active winter tailgate games. We recommend classics like cornhole and a football toss, and new favorites like KanJam. Keeping the games going is a win-win—it’ll make your winter tailgate lively and engaging while also helping everyone stay toasty in the cold weather!

keep it moving - 4


Tip 8: Toasty Tailgate Seating


Avoid metal chairs at all costs – they're too cold! Opt for seating with insulated covers or cushions, or bring the classic stadium seat cushions. With the right insulated, padded seats, your guests can stay toasty no matter how cold it gets. Don't let metal chairs ruin the vibe and temperature of your winter tailgate! 

Tip 9: Layer Up (Again!)


A tip so nice, we had to include it twice: Layer up! Think you’re bringing enough gear? Think again. Bring extra gloves, hats, scarves for anyone who might forget that cold weather tailgating can feel like braving a frozen tundra. Trust us, you’ll thank us later! 


Wrapping Up: Winning Cold Weather Tailgating 


As the weather outside gets frightful, your winter tailgate party can still be quite delightful! By embracing these simple but impactful tips, you'll be fully prepared to host lively, warm gatherings all season long. 

Get ready to cheer on your team with good friends, great food, and plenty of cozy comforts. With quality cold weather gear, smart setup strategies, and creatively themed activities, your tailgate is no match for winter weather!

Your epic cold weather tailgating adventure awaits!


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