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8 Winter Tailgate Gear Must-Haves


winter tailgate

As the temperature drops and the sports season heats up, tailgating in winter demands more than just your team spirit and favorite snacks. It calls for gear that can tackle the chill while you focus on the thrill of the game! Say goodbye to shivering on the sidelines and hello to comfort and warmth with our top picks for wearable and shareable winter tailgate gear. From heated clothing to cozy accessories, we've got you covered – literally! Let's dive into the ultimate winter tailgate essentials that will keep you and your crew toasty, no matter how low the temp dips!

Wearable Winter Tailgate Gear


The ideal tailgating attire combines fashion and function. It's not just about bundling up, but being smart with fabric choices that trap heat. We’ve rounded up Choose windproof and waterproof picks to shut out winter’s worst.


BenBoy Fleece Cargo Hiking Pants


BenBoy Fleece Cargo Hiking Pants - 1

Think hiking pants at a tailgate is overkill? Think again! These BenBoy wonders are the game-changers you didn't know you needed. Windproof, waterproof, and fleece-lined, they're your best defense against the chill. And, large cargo pockets give you plenty of storage space for all your tailgating gear. Bottom line: With these pants, you'll be saying, "Cold? What cold?" while you cheer on your team.


MADETEC Heated Gloves


MADETEC Heated Gloves - 2

Hosting a tailgate? Keep your hands toasty while you multitask like a pro! These gloves let you prep food, serve drinks, and greet guests without freezing fingers. Their heating tech features 3 adjustable heat settings so you can find your ideal warmth level, and they provide up to 6 hours of heat! MADETEC's heated gloves are not just about warmth; they're about keeping you in the game. With 3 heat settings and smartphone compatibility, you'll never miss a beat – or a text. 

ORORO Women’s Heated Vest


ORORO Women’s Heated Vest - 3

This heated vest isn't just a piece of clothing; it's your personal warmth warrior. The ORORO women's heated vest is designed specifically to keep fans warm and comfortable, no matter how cold the weather gets. There are three heat settings, so you can adjust the temperature as needed. And, it provides steady warmth for up to 10 hours on a single charge—that means you’re covered from pre-game tailgating to the final whistle. For those icy game days, this vest isn't just nice to have – it's a tailgating necessity.

Shareable Winter Tailgate Gear 


Now that we've covered the essential wearable gear to keep you warm and toasty, let's look at some must-have items designed to share with the whole crew! These shareable items are designed to create a cozy, inviting area for the whole gang to congregate, mingle, eat, and cheer on the team together. They transform your tailgate zone into a winter wonderland oasis amidst the chill. Let's explore the top picks for taking your winter tailgate setup to the next level.

Pop-up Portable Canopy Tent


Pop-up Portable Canopy Tent - 4

 This tent is more than just a space marker; it's your shield against the winter chill! This handy pop-up portable canopy tent goes up in seconds to create an instant shelter. Add the 4 sidewalls, and you’ve created a perfect huddle house to keep your crew snug and sheltered. We love the versatility of this tent—use it with the walls for the cold winter months, and take them off for those hot, early season games! It's the gear that you’ll use all season long.


Heated Camping Chair


Heated Camping Chair - 5

Forget those basic tailgate chairs. This one brings the heat – literally! With a heated back and seat, you can pick your perfect temperature and bask in the warmth. Give your guests the gift of luxurious warmth so they can focus on the food, fun and football - not fighting off the icy chill!

Buyplus Outdoor Heaters for Patio


Buyplus Outdoor Heaters for Patio - 6

 This compact infrared heater is the tailgating game changer you've been searching for. At 1500 watts, it packs a punch when it comes to heating power. Yet the lightweight, compact size makes it simple to set up and transport. Set it up on a table and watch it transform your tailgate into a warm, inviting space. A must-have for those chilly game days—consider it your new winter wingman!

Grabber 18 Hour Body Warmers


Grabber 18 Hour Body Warmers - 7

No winter tailgate is complete without these lifesavers. As a host, handing out these body warmers will make you the hero of the hour. They're simple, effective, and will keep your guests smiling and focused on the fun, not the freeze.

Tirrinia Waterproof Outdoor Blanket with Sherpa Lining


Tirrinia Waterproof Outdoor Blanket with Sherpa Lining - 8

Round off your tailgating setup with these plush, waterproof blankets. They're perfect for those snowy tailgates, ensuring your guests can cuddle up and stay warm as they anticipate the game. So, don't let winter weather dampen your tailgate. Gear up with the Tirrinia Waterproof Outdoor Blanket and fight the freeze!




Wrapping Up


The key to an unforgettable winter tailgate lies in being well-prepared with the right gear. Whether it's the BenBoy Fleece Cargo Hiking Pants keeping you snug, the MADETEC Heated Gloves at the ready for a warm handshake, or the ORORO Women’s Heated Vest as your personal heat shield, these wearable wonders ensure the cold won't dampen your spirits. And let's not forget the shareable essentials like the versatile Pop-up Portable Canopy Tent and the cozy Grabber Body Warmers. Together, these tailgating game-changers redefine winter fun, blending warmth with excitement. So gear up, gather your friends, and get ready to tailgate through winter in style and comfort!


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