20' Ultimate Backyard and Beach Flag Pole Kit

Fun things to bring to the beach Pt 1: Beach Putt


Fun things to bring to the beach Pt 1: Beach Putt



Introducing the latest must-have for beachgoers and golf enthusiasts alike: Beach Putt! This game seamlessly combines the relaxation of the beach with the excitement of golf, creating your new favorite beach activity. Imagine setting up your flagpole kit, unpacking your Beach Putt set, and spending a day perfecting your putt under the sun. Whether you're a serious golfer or looking for a fun new way to enjoy the sand, Beach Putt is poised to become your go-to beach companion!


About the Kit



Elevate your beach day with the Beach Putt golf set, a portable package designed for players of all skill levels. The set includes two adjustable putters that cater to both right and left-handed players and adjust for children and adults, making it a versatile choice for family and friends. The kit also features vibrant, color-coded rings and sturdy fiberglass poles topped with distinctive nylon flags to mark your makeshift course on the sand.

Included in the kit are regulation-size putting cups and six high-visibility golf balls, ensuring that your game is just as good as your setup. With the added convenience of a sand scoop for easy course preparation and a waterproof backpack for transportation, the Beach Putt set ensures that your transition from beach lounging to golfing is seamless and stylish. Whether you're setting up for a competitive game or a casual putt, this kit puts a new spin on beach fun.


How to Play 


Beach Putt delivers diverse gameplay options, each offering a unique twist to ensure no two games are ever the same. Here’s how you can dive into the fun:

Classic Beach Putt Golf: Set up the holes and flags on a clean stretch of packed sand. Teams take turns putting three balls each, with the aim to score 21 points first. Points are awarded based on ball placement in relation to the hole and rings.

Beach Putt Bocce Style: A variation that focuses on precision, where players aim to get their golf balls closest to the hole. Play several rounds to determine the overall winner, with a typical match consisting of three rounds.

Chip-It Beach Putt Style: Ideal for days when the sand isn't perfect for putting, this style uses a wedge to chip the balls into the play area, adding a dynamic twist to the traditional game.

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Beach Putt is more than just a game; it's a way to enhance your outdoor fun, whether at the beach, park, or in your own backyard. It encourages playfulness, precision, and a bit of friendly competition. Ready to take your beach days to the next level? Beach Putt is here to make every outing a memorable one, providing endless entertainment and a fresh challenge for everyone. Grab your set and make your next beach visit a hole-in-one experience!

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