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The 16 Best Beach Memes to Drop in the Group Chat


The 16 Best Beach Memes to Drop in the Group Chat



The countdown to your next beach trip is officially on. It's time to crank up the hype in your group chat—What better way to get the ball rolling than by firing off some killer beach memes? Whether you’re prepping the party vibes, roasting your buddy whose PTO got shot down, or just counting down the days until you can hit the sand, we’ve got the perfect meme for every scenario. Let's kick off summer break the right way—get those memes ready and fire up the group chat!



Kick off summer with the line that was heard around the world last summer! Ken: he’s just like us, for real. 

For when you can’t get the plans out of the group chat…We’re keeping our fingers crossed for beach & chill. 

Send to the friend who’s PTO was denied, but nothing can stand in the way of them and their beach vacay. They can just bring their laptop to the beach, right??

Shout out to the early escape artists who set their OOO replies a bit prematurely. Remember, not our circus, not our monkeys... at least until we're back from the beach.

This is how WE’RE diving into our summer breaks. 


Raise your hand if you can also do Patrick’s house! This is for the friend that’s the expert sand architect of the group. 

And speaking of sandcastles—this one goes to your entire sand-sculpting squad. Get those shovels ready!

TBH this is less of a meme, and more of our vision board for our ultimate beach setup. Send it to the friend you want to do this with!



Expectations >>> reality. 



For the beach lifer—send this to that friend whose only happy place is the beach.



It’s giving Michael Scott—this one’s for your boating buddy obsessed with ‘The Office’.



Love the beach, but hate the crowds? This shameless plug is for you: grab a beach flagpole kit and make it a breeze to find your friends in the crowds. 



Send to the friend that gets EVERYTHING from CostCo—if it’s bigger, it’s better, right? 



This sign says it all. 



Gotta follow the doctor’s orders!



And for those missing out on the beach this year—chin up, there’s always next summer. Hang in there!



Wrapping It Up


So there you have it, guys. Fire these beach memes into your group chat to kick the vacation pre-game into high gear. From your mate who’s a beach bum year-round to the rookie figuring out sunscreen, we’ve got you covered. Keep the laughs rolling and the countdown buzzing—we’re planning for a legendary summer. 


P.S. Think you have better beach memes than us? Share ‘em in the comments! 

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