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Thanksgiving College Football 2023: The Top 5 Rivalries


Thanksgiving College Football 2023 Michigan Stadium

It’s time for turkeys and touchdowns! As Thanksgiving 2023 rolls around, we're not just looking forward to heaps of pumpkin pie—we're also gearing up for some of the most electrifying college football rivalries of the year. We've sifted through the Thanksgiving College Football matchups to bring you our top 5 picks. These games aren't just about the scores; they're about historical clashes, passionate fans, and age-old traditions. Let's dive into the teams and rivalries that are topping our list this season. 

How We Picked Our Top Rivalries

Listen, there’s A LOT of great teams out there. Here’s a breakdown of factors we took into consideration when narrowing down our top 5 teams:

  1. Historical significance—The rivalries that have stood the test of time.
  2. Fan base passion—The electrifying energy that the stadium brings
  3. Regional impact—The cultural significance of the matchup
UVA Football Stadium

05. Virginia Tech vs. Virginia

Coming in at number 5, this is a tried and true Thanksgiving weekend matchup. Virginia Tech's leading the series 60–38–5. Not only are these Virginia teams battling it out on the field, but they’re also singing their hearts out! You’ll hear fight songs galore from the “Good Old Song” for Virginia, and “Tech Triumph” for Virginia Tech. 

When/Where to Watch It

Tune into the Virginia Tech @ Virginia game on Saturday, November 25 to see who will get the win. Game time and network TBD!

Gear Up for Game Day 

Are you a hoo or a hokie? Show your Virginia love with a 3” x 5” flag, or your Tech alliance with a 12” x 18” pennant.

University of Florida Football Stadium

04. Florida State vs. Florida

This one's a giant clash between Florida’s oldest public universities.  The Florida Gators lead the overall series 37–27–2, but it’s anyone’s game. What really makes this game stand out is the energy from the fans—it’s unbeatable! And talk about the battle between the team hand gestures—you’re bound to catch the gator chomp or the Tomahawk chop all throughout the stadium. 

When/Where to Watch It

Catch the Florida State @ Florida game on ESPN on Saturday, November 25 at 7pm ET.

Gear Up for Game Day 

Pick your favorite Florida team and represent with our Florida and Florida State 12” x 18” Pennants!

Auburn University Football Stadium

03. The Iron Bowl: Alabama vs. Auburn

You can’t have a true rival ranking for  Thanksgiving college football without including the teams of the Iron Bowl! With the hype this game generates, you’d think it was the superbowl! This game really brings the spirit to the showdown. Check out these traditions: 

  • Tiger Walk: Picture this: Auburn players walking down Donahue Drive with fans cheering wildly. Gives you chills, doesn’t it?
  • Eagle Flight: It’s not every day you see an eagle soaring over a football stadium. Auburn fans live for this!

When/Where to Watch It

Tune into the Alabama @ Auburn game on Saturday, November 25 to see who will get the win. Game time and network TBD!

Gear Up for Game Day 

With an epic matchup like Alabama vs. Auburn, you’ve got to pull out all the stops—get your Alabama flags and Auburn flags ready!

Mississippi State Football Stadium

02. Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State

Coming in close second is The Egg Bowl. Not only does it have an awesome name, but it’s truly an EVENT. Ole Miss is currently leading the series 64–46–6, but hey, anything can happen in football, right? And check out these cool traditions:

  • Cowbells: Mississippi State fans love their cowbells. Legend has it, a cow once wandered onto the field and the Bulldogs won that day. Since then, cowbells equal good luck!
  • Dawg Walk: Before the game, watch the players and coaches, along with their mascot “Bully”, parade through the Junction. It's quite a sight!
  • Hail State with a Twist: Mississippi State fans end their fight song with “Go to hell Ole Miss!” Talk about a rivalry, huh?
  • The Coveted Golden Egg: The winner gets the Golden Egg trophy. Imagine the bragging rights!

When/Where to Watch It

This one’s a true Thanksgiving college football game! Catch the Ole miss @ Mississippi state on ESPN on Thursday, November 23 at 7:30pm ET.

Gear Up for Game Day 

Break out your tailgate kits, and show your support with a Mississippi State or an Ole Miss Flag!

Michigan Football Stadium

01. Ohio State vs. Michigan

Coming in first in our Thanksgiving college football 2023 Roundup, we have “The Game” of all games. It’s earned our coveted spot because it’s got history, it’s got passion, and boy, does it have traditions!

Why This Rivalry Rocks

Ohio State vs. Michigan is one of the most historic rivalries in football. Michigan has a slight advantage, leading the series 60-51-6, with each game fiercely contested. But what really puts Ohio State vs. Michigan on top for us are the unmatched traditions. Check out this list:

  • Gold Pants Tradition: Since 1934, Ohio State players have been awarded gold pants pendants for victories over Michigan. Talk about a stylish reward!
  • Michigan's Necklace: Jumping on the commemorative bandwagon, Michigan introduced their own tradition 90 years later, gifting players special necklaces to mark their wins.
  • The Chilly Mirror Lake Jump: Ohio State students show their spirit by jumping into Mirror Lake during Michigan week, no matter how cold it gets.
  • Crossing Out "M": Spotting “M”s crossed out all over Ohio State’s campus adds a humorous twist to the intense rivalry.

When/Where to Watch It

Catch the Ohio State @ Michigan game on Fox on Saturday, November 25 at 12pm ET.

Gear Up for Game Day 

Cheer on the leading Michigan team with our 12” x 18” Pennant

Wrapping It Up

So there you have it! The 2023 Thanksgiving college football weekend is more than just a bunch of games. It’s a time for traditions, for fierce rivalries, and for communities to come together. Whether you're ringing cowbells in Mississippi, doing the Gator Chomp in Florida, or jumping into a freezing lake in Ohio, it’s all part of the wild, wonderful world of college football. So, grab a slice of pie, get your spirited gear on, and enjoy the games. This Thanksgiving is going to be one for the books! Let us know in the comments: Which epic match-ups are you looking forward to most?



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