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What You Need to Know: Thanksgiving NFL Games 2023


Thanksgiving NFL Football

As families across the country gather to celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, the NFL serves up its own traditional feast: a day filled with intense rivalries, historic matchups, and the kind of football action that fans wait for all year. This holiday, three Thanksgiving NFL Games games are on the menu: Packers at Lions, Commanders at Cowboys, and 49ers at Seahawks. Each game brings its own flavor of history, rivalry, and high stakes to the table, making for an unforgettable day in the world of sports.

Detroit Lions Stadium

Packers vs. Lions

The History:

The Detroit Lions are a staple of Thanksgiving NFL games, having played 83 times – more than any other NFL team. They've experienced the highs of the most Thanksgiving Day wins and, well, the lows of the most losses. As for the Packers, they've had their fair share of Thanksgiving glory too. So, who's going to take the crown in this Turkey Day clash?

A Memorable Matchup:

Let's throw it back to Thanksgiving 1962. The Packers were riding high with a perfect season, but the Lions had other ideas. Dominating from the start, they led 26-0 by the fourth quarter. Green Bay attempted a comeback, but Detroit was too far ahead, ending the Packers' hopes of an undefeated season.

Their Last Clash:

Fast forward to September 28, 2023. The Lions continued their winning ways, defeating the Packers 34-20. Their strong start and consistent performance, especially in the ground game, were key to maintaining their lead.

Set Your Reminders:
Catch this classic rivalry on Fox and fuboTV at 12:30 p.m. ET. Will the Packers redeem themselves, or will the Lions reign supreme?

Gear Up: 

For all you cheeseheads out there, grab our 3' x 5' Green Bay Packers Flag. The Pack needs ALL the spirit for this historic matchup! 

For the Lions fans, show your support for THE BEST Thanksgiving team. Get your 3' x 5' Detroit Lions Flag, and let’s hear you roar!

Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Commanders vs. Cowboys

The History:

The Cowboys are synonymous with Thanksgiving NFL games, and they’ve secured the second-highest number of wins on the holiday. The Cowboys and Commanders have faced off 11 times on Thanksgiving, the most recent being in 2020. Who’s going to secure the win this year? 

A Memorable Matchup:

In 1974, with less than ten minutes left and the Cowboys trailing, they pulled off an epic 50-yard touchdown pass for a breathtaking last-second victory. That’s what we call the stuff of legends!

Their Last Clash:

Fast forward to January 8, 2023 – the Commanders clinched a 26-6 victory. While the Cowboys have had a stronger season than the Commanders this year, Thanksgiving games are known for surprises!

Set Your Reminders:

Don't miss this clash at 4:30 p.m. ET on CBS and Paramount+. It's Commanders vs. Cowboys – a game that's sure to deliver.

Gear Up:

Nothing says go cowboys like cracking open a cold one! Get your Cowboys NFL Can Cooler to show support for your favorite Texas Team. 

Seahawks Flag

49ers vs. Seahawks

The History: 

Can’t remember the last time the 49ers and Seahawks played on Thanksgiving? That’s because it’s been almost a DECADE since their last Thanksgiving duel in 2014. This rivalry doesn't have as long of a history as the others, but since intensifying in 2002, it has become one of the most heated in the NFL.

A Memorable Matchup:

Remember the 2013 NFC Championship? That was a battle for the books. The Seahawks' late-game interception clinched their Super Bowl ticket, leaving the 49ers in the dust.

Their Last Clash:

In their last game on January 14, 2023, the 49ers emerged victorious with a 41-23 win. The game started evenly matched, but the 49ers soon took control.

Set Your Reminders:

Be sure to catch this game at 8:20 p.m. ET on NBC and fuboTV. It's 49ers vs. Seahawks – a matchup that's always worth the wait.

Gear Up:

As one of the most epic Thanksgiving NFL games, this matchup deserves some epic gear. We’ve got both 49ers NFL Can Coolers, and Seahawks Can Coolers. Perfect for a tailgate, or bringing over to a friend’s to watch the game. 


These Thanksgiving NFL games aren't just football games; they're chapters in ongoing sagas filled with triumph, heartbreak, and the thrill of competition. From the historical significance of the Lions and Packers to the tension-filled face-off between the Commanders and Cowboys, and the rekindled rivalry of the 49ers and Seahawks, each game is more than a contest - it's a story unfolding in real-time. So, as you settle in with your Thanksgiving feast, remember to tune in. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just love the spirit of the holiday, these games promise to deliver excitement, drama, and perhaps a few surprises, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of Thanksgiving.

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From everyone here at Flagpole-To-Go, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving filled with joy, good company, and of course, exciting football. So grab a plate of your favorite Thanksgiving dish, settle into your comfiest chair, and get ready for some top-tier football watching. Let the games begin!


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