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The Flagpole-To-Go Patriotic Gifts Guide 2023


Patriotic gifts

Ready to add some patriotic spirit to your holiday shopping list? The Flagpole-To-Go Patriotic Gifts guide is here. The holidays are all about warmth, gratitude, and giving – and what better way to embrace these values than with gifts that celebrate our nation's spirit? We've gathered a collection of patriotic gifts that are perfect for anyone who loves to show off their pride in the USA. From compact flags perfect for the golf course to towering flagpoles for the backyard, each item is a nod to the stars and stripes. Whether it's for a veteran with stories to tell, a friend who's all about American history, or a family member who loves to deck out their space in red, white, and blue, you'll find something here that hits just the right patriotic note. Let's make this holiday season uniquely memorable with patriotic gifts that reflect the true American spirit!


For the On-The-Go Patriot


12” x 18” USA Flag + A Specialty Flagpole 

12" x 18" USA Flag: Fly the stars and stripes with flair! This versatile 12" x 18" USA Flag is the perfect gift for the patriot in your life. It's small enough to wave from a golf cart, yet bold enough to make a statement! Ideal for both indoor and outdoor celebrations, this flag is a must-have for anyone proud to show their American spirit. A great holiday gift to keep the red, white, and blue flying high all year round!

12" x 18" USA Flag - 1

Golf Cart Flag Holder: The perfect holiday gift for the golf enthusiast! Our Golf Cart Flag Holder is a fantastic way to bring patriotic charm to the golf course. It's a thoughtful present for those who enjoy combining their love for golf with their American pride. The easy-to-mount design fits any square frame up to 1.25", making it a handy accessory for any golfer's cart. Gift it this holiday season and watch them ride in style, flag flying high!

Golf Cart Flag Holder - 2

Boat Flag Pole: This holiday season, surprise your favorite boat captain with our Boat Flag Pole! It’s ideal for flying the flag on the seven seas. And, with no permanent mounting needed, it’s super easy to set up! The Boat Flag Pole is a unique and thoughtful gift that will add a patriotic touch to their nautical journeys.

Boat Flag Pole - 3


For the Military Heroes


12” x 18” Branches of Military Flags + Three-Leg Garden Flag Holder 

12" x 18" Branches of Military Flags: Gift the brave men and women in your life a beautifully crafted U.S. Military flag. We have flags for each of the different branches, making it a heartfelt gift for those who served, or for family and friends with military ties. They're perfect for displaying during the holidays and on patriotic occasions, reminding us of the commitment of our armed forces!

12" x 18" Branches of Military Flags - 4

Three-Leg Garden Flag Holder: Gift them a whole patriotic display this holiday season! Our Three-Leg Garden Flag Holder is an ideal gift for those who cherish their garden as much as their country. Its sleek design is not only durable but also adds a sophisticated touch to any landscape. Your loved ones will cherish it as a daily reminder of the bravery and service of our military forces!

Three-Leg Garden Flag Holder - 5



For the Party in the USA Pal


American Flag Can Cooler: Keep your drinks and your patriotism cool with this American Flag Can Cooler! It's the ultimate party accessory for any USA lover. Whether you're grilling in the backyard or hitting the links, this cooler is a fun way to show your American pride and keep your beverages chilled. A fantastic holiday gift for anyone who loves a good celebration in true American style!

American Flag Can Cooler - 6


For the Patriotic Parader 


Hide-A-Pole Portable Flagpole + American Flag 

Hide-A-Pole: Gift patriotism on the go! The Hide-A-Pole Portable Flag Pole is perfect for the traveler or tailgater who never leaves their American pride behind. Its innovative design lets you shrink it down for easy transport and extend it for display. Surprise your loved ones this holiday season with this unique gift, ensuring they can always fly the flag, wherever they are!

Hide-A-Pole - 7


American Flag: Complete their patriotic parade look with a 3’ x 5’ American Flag! We like this one that’s made in the USA, and is designed for outdoor use. With these two in hand, they’ll be waving their stars and stripes wherever they go!

American Flag - 8



For the Proud Patriot


28’ Fiberglass Heavy Duty Flag Pole: Is your proud patriot into EPIC displays? Look no further than our 28’ Fiberglass Heavy Duty Flag Pole—it’s the TALLEST portable flagpole on the market! Whether they’re tailgating, camping, or hosting an event, this large flagpole ensures that their flag will soar above the rest!

28’ Fiberglass Heavy Duty Flag Pole - 9


5 Military Flags: Celebrate the holiday season with a tribute to our armed forces. This set of FIVE military flags is the perfect companion for your 28' fiberglass flagpole. Each flag represents a different branch of the military, allowing for a diverse and respectful display!

5 Military Flag - 10



And that's a wrap on our Patriotic Gift Guide! I hope you found some great ideas for spreading a bit of patriotic cheer this holiday season. These patriotic gifts aren't just about the stars and stripes; they're about celebrating the people who make our country what it is. Whether it’s for someone who’s served, someone who’s always reading up on American history, or just your neighbor who throws the best Fourth of July barbecues, these gifts are sure to bring smiles and spark conversations. So, pick out something special, and let’s make this holiday season a time to remember the things that bring us together as a nation. Happy holidays, everyone – here's to making this year's celebrations a little more star-spangled and a lot more fun!



A friendly Reminder 


Remember to place your order by December 12th to ensure your patriotic gifts arrive in time to be wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree! Wishing you, your family, and all your loved ones a joyous and happy holiday season filled with warmth and cheer.


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