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The Best Golf Days of 2024

The Best Golf Days of 2024

Every day is a good day to golf, but admittedly, some days just make more sense than others. With 366 days on the calendar in 2024, we've scoured through and picked out the best and most ideal days to spend on the course. Frankly, we wouldn't advise against spending every day this year hitting the links, but others might have differing opinions. 



Daylight Saving Time: March 10th 


When Daylight Saving Time returns, we golfers rejoice. This glorious Sunday officially marks the beginning of more hours of sunlight—and more time to golf for the next eight months. Even though you lose an hour of sleep the night before, the idea of being able to squeeze in a full round after work in the near future should be more than enough to jolt you awake and get you going for a celebratory Sunday round.



National Walking Day: April 3rd


Taking place every year on the first Wednesday in April, National Walking Day is a great excuse to get out and golf. This holiday encourages people to take a walk to provide health benefits such as improved circulation, strengthened bones and muscles, heart health and increased focus. And luckily for us, a the golf course is a great place to walk. Not only is walking the course cheaper since you can avoid the cart fees, but walking the golf course has been proven to help golfers shoot lower scores during rounds. Walking during a round, especially when using a push cart, helps to increase blood flow that keeps muscles loose and prepared for the next swing. If you're typically a riding-cart-only type of person, we recommend trying to walk a round this NWD. Test it out with a push cart and see how you score. Your body and your game might thank you.



Summer Solstice: June 20th


Being the longest day of the year, Summer Solstice obviously had to make the list. With more hours of sunlight than any other day, you essentially owe it to yourself to get out and golf this day. For most of us, the sun doesn't set on Summer Solstice until 9 p.m. or later. This means you can play an entire round after work and really take your time. Soak in the sun, smell the grass, crack an extra beer and get those practice swings in. You only get one of these extra-long days a year... don't waste it doing anything else. 



Your Birthday  


Let's face it—not everyone understands golf or appreciates why we spend our time doing it. That's why your birthday is the perfect day to spend golfing. You can avoid any nagging or questions about why you need to golf again if you just golfed last week. Just you, pure bliss and the open course. Bringing some buddies along for the round and turning it into a party is never a bad idea either. Pro tip: a lot of courses offer free or discounted tee times on your birthday. Be sure to check that out before you play this year. 



Mother's Day/Father's Day: May 12th & June 16th


The entire reason Mother's Day and Father's Day were created was to reward parents and say thank you for the hard work they put in every day for their families. So don't feel guilty about capitalizing on some of that time to do something that brings you joy! Hit the links, relax and reflect on the year. Your family will be happily waiting for you when you're finished. Or, if your children are into golf like you, bring them along to play with you and create a memory that'll be cherished for years to come. 



Saturday of July 4th Weekend


More specifically, the Saturday of July 4th weekend makes a great day for golf. The courses are packed, the weather is beautiful and everyone's having a great time sporting their red, white and blue outfits. If you're anything like us, we're typically spending the holiday with our families and loved ones, which presents another great opportunity to golf and bond with the ones closest to us. In the spirit of the holiday, we like to show off not only our most patriotic outfits but our most patriotic golf gear as well. And this year, we'll be using this USA CB-15 Cart Bag from Bag Boy.



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